What you need to know...

My style of artistry is chic, fresh and elegant.  

I take the fact that I am helping you prepare for a momentous occasion very seriously.  My goal is that you feel pampered, relaxed and, of course, beautiful.  As a professional makeup and hair artist, I am constantly on the hunt for the best products on the market, application and trends.  I feel privileged to offer my clients a customized, luxury experience.  I will work with you to understand your desires (and dislikes) so we can design your bridal look that will be polished, timeless and cohesive with your wedding style.

What I want you to know...

Before I became a makeup and hair artist, I was a bride.  I remember vividly what it was like to plan a wedding -factoring all of the decisions, agonizing over every detail, and wanting everything to be just as I imagined.
Naturally, there were compromises that had to be made but one thing I did not waver on was my look.  Many years later I am still looking back at images and I am so happy that I prioritized to have one of the best artists and photographers to help archive our special day.  Many things went awry on our wedding day but I felt absolutely beautiful and nothing could bring me down; I was getting married!  I attribute much of how I felt to (yes, marrying my soulmate AND...) being surrounded by fabulous people.  In the end, we had an amazing day that I will cherish forever and I know you will too.
Some tidbits you may find interesting...

My top three favorite cosmetics (because really, how can you choose just one?):
1)  BB Creams with SPF 30 or higher- still determining my favorite brand
2)  Perfect Mascara by LimeLight by Alcone 
3) Chanel Coco Mademoiselle perfume -I know, not a cosmetic but it makes you feel like a million bucks!

My bachelor's degree is in American Sign Language Interpreting and I still freelance as an ASL interpreter.

I have a master's degree in Executive Leadership in Service Management.

I had a successful career in business management before deciding 'life is too short' and I pursued a secret passion in makeup and hair artistry.  

I am a native of Seattle, Washington.  I spent 9 years living in Rochester, NY before moving to San Diego in 2010 ...and, yes, I love it here!

Giving back is very important to me.  I am blessed to have amazing, supportive and generous people in my life which make me who I am today.  I donate my services to non-profit organizations annually to help them raise money for their cause.

One of my favorite activities is yoga.

I have been slowly learning Spanish and desire to be fluent.

I listen to music constantly and appreciate all genres.

Laughter is the most common sound in our home.
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