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Without a doubt, every client I work with wants to know about my favorite products and how they can use them too. With the hundreds of cosmetic products on the shelves and in stores, it's no wonder women are confused and overwhelmed. I've even had bridesmaids try to buy my used products right out of my kit!  As a professional, I carry a variety of different products in my kit from various brands.  Although many of these brands are not always known to the average consumer, they are top quality, professional products.  What distinguishes professional products from others?  The simplest answer is that the pigment in these products is 50%, they are not full of fillers like most consumer brands, requiring smaller amounts as well as having the longevity to withstand longer wear.  Additionally, professional makeup has minimal packaging allowing the artist to customize their own palettes.  

There has not yet been a product on the market that allowed artists to offer them the ability to provide their clients the opportunity to purchase the same professional products they use from their kit, until now...

LimeLight by Alcone

Since I began as an artist, I have searched for brands that are not only of the best quality but also strive to be socially responsible. There is a lot of waste with packaging cosmetics and many are filled with chemicals and unnecessary ingredients.

 I was so thrilled when NYC based retailer, Alcone, decided to come out with their own line of professional makeup and organic, chemical free skincare that I can offer my clients. Alcone has been selling professional makeup to production companies and celebrities and their artists since the 1950's.  This family owned business has seen hundreds of brands and they know the best products on the market.  After years of seeing artists asking to come up with a way to sell the same makeup directly to their clients, Alcone decided to create their own line by partnering with some of the top professional cosmetic companies in the industry. 

This beautiful line of cosmetics, Limelight by Alcone, now offers consumers the opportunity to utilize professional grade, vegan, makeup with biodegradable packaging, and customizable palettes.  LimeLight also created a fabulous line of organic, chemical free skincare.  Both lines are cruelty free.   I am so excited by the quality of these products and that I finally have something I feel truly proud to represent and offer my clients to take home with them.

Professional Workshops & Lessons:

Having the right makeup and skincare is only half the battle, knowing how to apply your products is key for beautiful, flawless results.  All lessons and workshops are customizable to fit your personal needs.  My team and I host group and/or individual lessons from teen to any age.  We can help you create a lesson based on your personal needs or come up with fun concepts that are practical for everyday use.   A portion of your lesson price will go towards your makeup or skin are purchase.  We'll ensure that you walk away feeling confident and excited about your investment into your makeup and skincare.

Email me for more details: [email protected]

Career Opportunities

LimeLight is a fast growing company that is revolutionizing the way artists and estheticians can grow their business.  Click here to find out about the exciting opportunities with my team.

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