RID CEU Sponsored Professional Makeup Workshops for ASL Interpreters

Cosmetics for ASL interpreters and communication specialists

We all know how to dress professionally for the suitability of our various interpreting jobs, but do you know how to use makeup?  For years makeup has been an effective tool for professionals, entertainers and communication specialists.  Makeup sets the tone for how we are presenting ourselves and, just like our clothing, we can alter it to better fit the environment in which we are working in.  Additionally, makeup is used to enhance features of the face or minimize and camouflage others that might otherwise be a distraction (like that pesky zit on the tip of your nose!).  However, with so many products and brands on the market, it can be overwhelming.  

Meredith offers a variety of workshops and lessons specifically for American Sign Language interpreters to better understand how to utilize makeup as a tool for their service offering.  Workshops and lessons are great for any adult age and gender.

Knowledge based workshops/lessons

"Putting Your Best Face Forward"

Knowing how to use makeup starts with a basic understanding of tools, facial structure and product knowledge.  As a professional, you want to be sure that you are getting the right information for how to purchase, and utilize products and techniques that are not only effective but efficient.  This workshop will take you through all the basics for proper makeup application and use from skincare to defining your features.

Total Time: 3hrs    Cost: $50/online (live)

CEUs: .30 Professional Studies

Online Demonstrations:

Online or realtime videos are available for tutorials for makeup application.  You can watch and practice in the comfort of your own home.  Materials are not supplied and each demo will be 30 minutes.

Total Time:  per 30 minute session

Cost: $10 per recorded session

          $25 per live session

CEUs: .05  Professional Studies

Hands On Workshops

It takes time to put into practice how to properly apply makeup so you get the desired results.  Additionally, your needs and styles will vary.  Hands On workshops allow you to actually watch live demonstrations and use makeup to practice specific techniques to master a variety of looks for a variety of settings.

Group Workshop 4-6 individuals

Total Time: 6hours   Cost: $200 all materials and supplies included

CEUs: .60 Professional Studies

Individual lessons: $75/hour (2-hour minimum)

All lessons and workshop are offered in both English and ASL



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